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The Power of Ten Playbook

The Georgia Runoff Election is on Tuesday, January 5, and early voting begins Monday, December 14, through Thursday, December 31 (excluding December 24-25). Together, we have the power to decide our future, and by voting early, you can make sure your voice is heard. Every vote counts!

We at Women Voters USA believe the best tribute to the women, who fought for decades for the right to vote, is to continue to turnout a record number of women voters, learn from history, and be aspirational for our future. Now, we know you are smart, focused, and most importantly, tenacious. By making our own powers of 10, we plan for the positive power of 10 at the polls. Through a generous donation of 10,000 PPE (pretty, powerful, engaged) Smart&Sexy voting panties, we are launching the 10 Friends project today. It is Smart&Sexy’s hope that the panties will help draw attention, excitement and record voter participation in the GA runoff election.

Thank You for being a friend…
The 10 Friends project encourages women voters to hold their friends accountable and promise to vote on January 5 in the historic runoff election.

Here’s how it works:
Direct voter contact matters, so we have created a truly engaging volunteer experience and opportunity to meet women voters (your friends) where they live and work. We are starting with a base group of 10 friends…who will each engage 10 friends…and so on and so forth. Each participant receives a complimentary gift of PPE (10 Smart&Sexy voting panties) to thank her 10 friends and remind them to vote. As a side note, the panties are cute, pink, individually wrapped with a voting booklet, and are great conversation starters and stocking stuffers.

10 Friends Project is that simple…

10 women voters
100 women voters
1,000 women voters
10,000 women voters
= Record number of women voters at the Georgia polls on January 5, 2020

Thank you for being a friend and supporting our goal to empower female voters!!!

To support 10 Friends Project please email: or call 305-915-9152

In service,
Nicole Wild
Founder, Women Voters USA 10 Friends Project

Your vote is your voice.
Share the message. 

About Women Voters USA
With a focus on fostering the importance of volunteerism, Women Voters USA (based in Atlanta) is a nonpartisan, national, grassroots Non-Profit dedicated to encouraging conversations on issues that are important to women, mobilizing women voters, and inspiring women to be architects of change.