It’s Not Too Late To Do Your Part To Keep America Great: Carpool2Vote


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By Brian Rashid @BrianRashid

4 days left to make your difference.

If you don’t have a plan to get to the polls to vote and you need a kick-start or a solution that combines American ingenuity and service, this is your chance.

Check out and the first-ever free ride-sharing app to the polls. The non-partisan app seeks to empower women voters and increase voter turnout by connecting voters needing a ride to the polls and by inspiring civic engagement.

Co-founded by Nicole Wild Merl and Thomas Cook, Carpool2Vote is a digital platform of The blog and social platforms, which were created by the first-ever virtual Education Cooperative from Northeastern University College of Professional Studies for the public benefit. The app was designed by Justin Insalaco, the CEO of 3BDreams, with the help of his team including Chief Architect, Matt Young, and Advisor Will Donovan.

A Call to Action is now in progress to recruit drivers and riders across the USA to download the Carpool2Vote app and sign up.

As a volunteer-based initiative, the more drivers that exist means the more people Carpool2Vote can help to the polls on November 8th.

To empower this effort, the Fall 2016 class at the Washington Media Institute has created a powerful series of public service announcements to help further spread the word and share their millennial voices.

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Amos Gelb, Director and 3 time Emmy award winning journalist at The Washington Media Institute, said “If there ever was a time that young people needed to get the voting habit – this is it. This has been an incredible opportunity for the students of the Washington Media Institute to become more than watchers in this election and through creating Carpool2Vote PSA’s have now become animated about the chance to vote for the first time.

Working with the Carpool2Vote has given these incredible young people who are learning how media is really practiced a true sense of what it takes to be a professional. We have been so proud to be afforded the chance to work on this non-partisan, highly patriotic project.”

The goal is to reach ten thousand users, that is ten thousand users who may not have voted. Think about the potential. It’s a powerful expression of what your freedom to vote means and how it can change political history in this country.

One by one, the Carpool2Vote free app has the capacity to bring people to the polls to vote and encourage the hope for change through democracy.

So how about it America? Where ever you are at in the process, create your voting plan now:

  1. Download the Carpool2Vote FREE app on the App Store or on Google Play
  2. Sign up as a volunteer DRIVER and/or RIDER to help on election day
  3. Nudge as many friends and neighbors as possible to carpool and vote on social media @Carpool2Vote @WomenVotes
  4. Check in with your neighbors via app and invite them.
  5. On the day, share your photos, videos, and updates about “having voted” using the hashtag #Carpool2Vote

And…let’s regroup on election night to celebrate our part in history. WHY? Because we care what happens next. And…we care about giving a vehicle and a voice to people to make it happen. Rest assured, future generations will be proud we did!

And if we don’t live for something bigger than ourselves, what are we living for?

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