The New York Times asked: Is It Important to Elect a Woman as President?

Author, speaker and expert on women in business, Dr. Betty Spence shares why:

Because the candidate — Hillary Clinton — is a fighter for all generations. No generation gap among women exists when it comes to women’s access to healthcare, affordable child care, paid family leave, equal pay, an equal shot at the executive suite and the board room, or ending violence against women here and abroad. As these are the priorities of America’s women across age groups, so they are hers – as demonstrated by her life’s work. Those who would foment women against women need to recognize that no matter how much the media likes a catfight, today’s educated and energized women won’t take the bait.

As President of the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) and co-founder of Executive Women for Hillary, I can happily report that women of all ages are supporting other women. The senior executive women from major companies that I work with on the NAFE Roundtable are committed to ensuring the success of the women who work with and for them, and they are advocating actively for other women. Though each generation may have specific age-related priorities (for millennials, it’s college debt, landing a job; for Gen X & Y, it’s having a family and career success; for boomers, it’s retirement and a safe world for their grandchildren), Secretary Clinton gets this and will fight for these as well as for women’s common priorities. Women of all generations will benefit beyond what we now imagine when she is our first woman president.

Learn more about Hillary’s vision for America, and key policies she will fight for as president. As Hillary campaigns across the country, she’ll be talking about more issues—stay tuned.

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