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GSFE Pink panty giveaway to encourage women to vote and that their vote counts.
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Sept 30, 2020, Menifee, CA—Smart&Sexy, and Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs (GSFE) are partnering to increase the number of women voters on election day through a variety of special panty giveaways in Southern Ca to its GSFE members, families, neighbors and co-workers in partnership with Women Voters USA & Smart and Sexy Lingerie. The panties, which have the message: “My vote is my voice” and “Grab your future by the ballots” are designed to empower female voters. It is Smart & Sexy’s hope that the panties will help draw attention & excitement for women to get out and vote.

“Our goal is to encourage every woman to get out and vote as every vote count’s”, says Robbie Motter,r CEO and Founder of Global Society of Female Entrepreneurs. “We have already disbursed 2,800 of the panties out through or networks and members in Southern CA. The women are thrilled to receive the panties that are in a nice bag with a small booklet attached to them and all have said what a creative idea to encourage them and other women to vote,” says Robbie.

According to Women Voters USA, one out of three eligible American women voters (38 million) are unregistered (despite the fact that more women vote than men); 53 percent of chronic non-voters identify as women; and, voter turnout for women does not reflect the country’s diverse population, with Latina, Asian and younger women (ages 18-24) in general much less likely to vote than other groups.

About Smart&Sexy: Smart & Sexy designs swimwear and intimates with everyday comfort features so that every woman can look and feel their best every day. Smart&Sexy is a female-led business committed to sustainability; social responsibility; and helping to create and empower independent women.

About Women Voters USA: Women Voters USA is a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to encouraging conversations on issues that are important to women; mobilizing voter registration & turnout; and inspiring women to be architects of change ahead of the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.

About GSFE (Globl Society for Female Entrepreneurs) mission is to empower, inspire, educate, mentor and connect women so they become successful entrepreneurs. We have 14 networks in Southern CA and we also host two Zoom networks a month to accommodate members who live in other states and countries. Our Vision: Unlimited success through National and International networking and a well known legacy of making positive differences in the lives of women. Our website is . Robbie Motter can be reached at .

I empower, inspire and educate and connect women so they can become successful entrepreneurs and soar to greater heights than even they imagined.

Robbie Motter
CEO/Founder Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs