Over the last year, I have had the opportunity of working together with a dynamic duo known as Nicole Wild Merl and Thomas Cook, co-founders of and the Carpool2Vote app to the polls. I was delighted and honored to be part of featuring them in our newly released book “The Internet of Women, Accelerating Culture Change”. How timely it is for this Carpool2Vote app to be available as a public benefit and for FREE. is a successful organization that empowers women to vote and run for elected office. It is crucial this election year that everyone exercises their right to vote. It is with great enthusiasm that I am able to share with you the following information about this initiative.

URL for Carpool2Vote App

Free Ride To The Polls: WomenVotes Takes You There – Forbes

“Voting is your duty and your vote does count. Do not think for one minute that your vote does not matter. Look what happened in the United Kingdom, e.g. BREXIT, a larger category of people did not vote largely millennials. They did not understand what was at stake and the implications to their daily lives. You can make a difference always in exercising your right to vote!”


CTO – Evangelist New Frontiers, Development & Engineering at CISCO
Co-editor, The Internet of Women, Accelerating Culture Change

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