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Free Ride To the Polls… Best Ways To Get There
Carpool2Vote on Nov. 8th

In June 2016, we launched Carpool2Vote as a non-partisan initiative of The WomenVotes.org social platforms at the Northeastern University Education Cooperative Awards in Boston. We reported on the many potential resources out there to support people to @Carpool2Vote on #Election2016 Day.

Our pathway to democracy has taken many twists and turns as we stuck to our purpose to ensure American voters have a round-trip free option to the polls. Our idea for Carpool2Vote was to create a 100% volunteer driven and women inspired initiative for everyone. No-one could envision a major transit strike in Philadelphia and how important our technology would become as an example of American ingenuity and service. We are very thankful to all the voting advocates who have made our project possible from Justin Insalaco, CEO 3BDreams LLC, to Chief Architect, Matt Young and Advisor Will Donovan.

Our initial goal six months ago was to keep an up-to-date list of ride share options to support voter turnout and help voters make the best choice on election day and inspire civic engagement. What we found, however, was there weren’t many free (roundtrip) ride share options available. This led WomenVotes.org to create the first-ever free ride share app to the polls — Carpool2Vote — as a demonstration of true community collaboration to enhance voter turnout on November 8th.

We are thrilled today, so many other get out the vote options exist alongside the 100% volunteer-driven Carpool2Vote app.

Only One Day Left To Make A Difference…

In service,
Nicole + Thomas, Co-founders, Carpool2Vote
@WomenVotes @Carpool2Vote

Best Carpool and Ride Share Tips For Election Day:

Your City: Check out your city and/or state department of transportation to learn about carpool options in your area. Find rideshare and other options to help build your commute with neighbors or start your own car share program in your community.

We are so proud of Kansas City, Missouri for providing free bus rides on election day to help residents to the polls to vote. This is an incredible example of a support system to empower citizens. www.RideKC.org

Google Docs Sign-up Sheet: This simple template allows groups of people to sign up for various tasks using the collaborative features of Google Docs. It can be used to coordinate many tasks including organizing your #Carpool2Vote. The organizer sets things up by filling in dates, names, and chores, then shares it with participants to fill in. www.googledocs.com

List of the Best Carpool and Rideshare Apps for #Election2016

  •  Carpool2Vote: Is the first-ever free ride share app to the polls to help connect voters needing a ride with volunteer drivers. With Carpool2Vote, there are no restrictions! The app is free and available anywhere volunteer drivers exist to help to help people to the polls. An initiative of The WomenVotes.org blog and social platforms this project is 100% volunteer driven and women inspired. Importantly, the team took a diligent approach to safety. When the driver’s car arrives, that barcode will be displayed on the driver’s phone, and the rider can quickly take a picture of the driver’s barcode to ensure they are getting into the right vehicle. If the driver is who they should be, the passenger will receive a confirmation sound (beep) and vibration after they “scan.” If the driver is not correct, there will be an alert on the passenger’s phone. This is a first in the ride share community!
  • Lyft: Select Lyft users will receive 45% off their Election Day trip to the polls, The Verge reports, noting that getting back from your polling place will cost full price. The company said it would send emails Sunday night to customers in eligible areas, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, NC, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit,   Miami, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New Orleans, Nashville, New York City and New Jersey, Orange County, CA, Philadelphia,   Portland, OR, Phoenix, Raleigh, NC, San Diego, and Washington, D.C.
  • Maven: Attention millennials, especially those living in cities. Don’t panic if it comes down to late Tuesday afternoon. There are no excuses for not voting. Not work hours. Not weather. Not lack of wheels.the ride-sharing business from General Motors — will offer riders $5 off all day, a spokesperson tells The Detroit Free press.
  • RideAustin: New users of RideAustin can download the app and use promo code “TECHVOTES” for $10 in ride credit. In order to accommodate voters who need a free ride to and from their voting location they have partnered with WomenVotes, who have created the free app Carpool2Vote that matches volunteer drivers to riders who need rides to the polls. The app is available on iOS and Android and RideAustin is encouraging our 3,000+ drivers to sign up and donate a few rides while the polls are open. RideAustin staff members will register to deliver free rides as well. More information on these programs can be found on the TechVotes and League of Women Voters websites.
  • RideBuzz: Ridebuzz is a leading provider of ride sharing technology and services, specializing in cost-effective technology and adoption campaigns for your organization, community, and region.  Find and Share Rides to voting locations. “We may not agree about everything, but let’s help each other get to the polls. Post Rides offered/needed!” RideBuzz.org
  • UBER: The ride-hailing service has teamed up with Google to create an in-app feature that aims to assist voters in locating their poling place and then getting there. “Given the important decision people around the country will make on November 8th, we wanted to make getting to and from your polling place easier than ever,” the company notes in a blog post on the feature. Uber.com
  • VoterDrive.US: Get a free ride to the polls on Election Day. Let VoterDrive.US provide you with a free Uber ride. This initiative is supported by sponsors who are underwriting a free Uber ride. Please see terms and conditions. The offer is open to new Uber customers and to others, courtesy of participating sponsors. www.VoterDrive.US
  • Walk2Vote: We can all agree, this presidential election is way too important for anyone to stay home because of lack of interest in the political process or because they couldn’t get to the polls. Now a model for schools nationwide, Walk2Vote.com seeks to not only encourage student and youth voting but to educate future generations of voters in the hopes of creating a sustainable interest in the political process on a local, state and national level. “The 26th Amendment guarantees youth the right to vote. Walk2Vote.com helps them and their community to go out and do it!” said John Locke, Chair of the national Walk2Vote.com
  • ZipCar: Ahead of the presidential election, Zipcar announced that it will make more than 7,000 cars across the US free to members on Nov. 8. Select vehicles will be available nationwide in cities and college campuses at no cost between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. local time on Tuesday. In an effort to #DriveTheVote, the car-sharing network is now taking reservations for those four evening hours, and encourages members to carpool with family, friends, and neighbors to the polls. zipcar.com

And this isn’t a ride, but encounter a line at the polls and need a bite to eat, Tweet @PizzaToThePolls and they might just send you a pizza!  Now there’s some ingenuity!

And…let’s regroup on election night to celebrate our part in history. WHY? Because we care what happens next. And…we care about giving a vehicle and a voice to people to make it happen. Rest assured, future generations will be proud we did!

“And if we don’t live for something bigger than ourselves, what are we living for?” said Brian Rashid.

On the day, post your photos, videos, and updates about “having voted” using the hashtag #Carpool2Vote #Walk2Vote and share via Facebook Live!

As a final note, if there any other ride share / carpool options free to the public, please let us know and we would be honored to help spread your ride share option.

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