From Forbes Article by Brian Rashid | October 9, 2016

“This is breaking news, or should I say, “braking” news.

If you are in many parts of America, you can get a ride to the polls.

This ride will be round-trip.

This ride will be free.

This ride will be provided by 100% volunteer drivers and is women inspired.

This ride could change the future of the America you live in.

Nicole Wild Merl and Thomas Cook are the cofounders of WomenVotes. The initiative, which was first ever virtual co-op authorized by Northeastern University College of Professional Studies, has turned into a national movement. WomenVotes was officially launched in 2016 with the support of Washington Media Institute under the leadership of Amos Gelb to 10 participant millennial consultants from colleges across the United States to gain their perspectives and assistance. Today, all now serve as WomenVotes founding Millennial Advisory Board along with some talented Northeastern University students.”

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