Article in Charlotte Business Journal | By Staff Writer Hilary Burns | October 20, 2016

Nicole Wild Merl will spend Election Day driving voters to the polls in Charlotte. But she won’t be the only one driving cars full of people to the ballot boxes on Nov. 8 — her new app, Carpool2Vote, has launched nationwide to empower women voters and increase overall voter turnout.

The Charlotte Business Journal caught up with Wild Merl at Northeastern University’s Charlotte campus, where the project started, to learn more. Wild Merl called her mentor Thomas Cook about a year ago to ask if he would work with her on a virtual project for the co-op part of her master’s degree at Northeastern.

Cook agreed and together they created #WomenVotes, a digital platform that exists to empower women to vote and run for elected office. The platform officially launched this past February in Washington, D.C., where Cook is based. Then Wild Merl and Cook started brainstorming about how the platform could really make a difference in this year’s presidential election. That’s when the light bulb went off.

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