#NationalVoterRegistrationDay is Tuesday, September 26th!

This year, Women Votes is here to help get the word out about National Voter Registration Day and get all those eligible to vote registered to do so! According to National Voter Registration Day, in 2016 over 750,000 voters used this day to register to vote across all 50 states.

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With so many myths out there about who can vote and what’s needed to vote, we’re here to help make sure you know the facts and help get all those eligible to vote registered to do so. Women Votes isn’t about what your party affiliate is, or what your beliefs are. Whatever they are, we believe EVERYONE’S voice matters and deserves to be heard. Rich, poor, black, Caucasian, Latina, LGBTQX…your voice matters and needs to be heard.

If you have voter registration questions, we’re here to provide you with links to where you can find the FACTS about voting, and make sure you’re ready in November to cast your vote and be heard.

Starting now. Make a plan and find out the rules for your State by clicking here, a nonpartisan site that links to each state and provides official voting information directly from your state’s elections website.

When you’ve finished, celebrate by purchasing one of our #WomenVotes buttons created by #monoagency in honor of women’s right to vote.Your contributions help Women Votes get the word out about how to vote and how your voice matters and helps everyone have a say in our government. Thank you for helping us build awareness, one clever button at a time!

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