Stand up and be counted for having fun…while voting!


These little beauties, graciously designed by #MonoAgency, made their way home with all sorts of women ready to show just how important it is to have their voices heard with a simple gift of $5 for 3 buttons! They made their grand debut at the National Association for Female Executives Luncheon for Top Executives this past March 9th in New York City!

Regardless of your party, these buttons show that your vote is more than lip service. These show that you think everyone’s voice should be heard – not only for Presidential choices, but also in the Midterm Elections to make your mark in D.C. and locally! Our Senators and Legislators will be looking to you once again to make your mark and choose your representatives so why not start making your voice heard now with the issues that matter most to you? Let them know whats important to YOU so they can better represent your interests.

Want to grab some of these buttons for yourself, or your group? Contact us and we’ll get you the details! In the meantime, keep up the conversations #WomenVotes and rock on, Democracy!

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