“Mommy, can I please touch the red button now?!?” she asked as she furiously wiggled next to the curtain.

“No! I want to press the red button!” protested her sister, a constant rival for button-pushing privileges.

I calmly suggested, “How about we all press it together?”

So three fingers – one big, two small – pushed the red button. CAST VOTE NOW. And we did. I opened the curtain of the voting booth. My daughters excitedly announced to the booth attendant, “I helped Mommy vote today!” The attendant smiled and said, “Good job, girls! Now remember to do this when you grow up!” They happily agreed as they bounced towards the exit.

We walked to the car, where my husband was waiting for us. He had already voted earlier in the day. The windows were rolled up, so my husband was quite startled when one of the girls slapped both hands on the glass. She pressed her face to the window and shouted through the pane, “DADDY! We helped Mommy vote!!”

My other daughter said, “Daddy, did you know that a girl can be president? That’s what Mommy said. Did you know there has never been a girl president?” He grinned and assured her that girls can do anything that boys can do, maybe even better.

We went home, had dinner, took a bath and prepared for bedtime. They wanted their dad to read bedtime stories that night, so I indulged in a little grown-up TV while folding the laundry. I turned on the news. “Well look at that…,” I thought, “Hillary won New Jersey.”

I stopped what I was doing and ran into my daughters’ bedroom. “Girls! Girls, “I exclaimed, “We did it! We made a difference! Hillary won the New Jersey primary! She’s going to be the Democratic presidential candidate!!”

Now, my four-year-old twins don’t quite understand what a presidential election is. They don’t know what a “primary” is either. They certainly don’t understand the concept of a Republican vs. a Democrat. What they do understand is that this was a BIG deal for girls. The leader of the free world could be a girl. For the first time ever.

I scooped up the sleepiest one and kissed her plump cheek while she lazily giggled. Her sister jumped up and asked, “Can I be president too, Mommy?” I said, “Maybe one day, my love.”

In this moment, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat. If you are a woman – a mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend – Hillary’s historic milestone renews and validates gender equality on an unprecedented level.

I tucked my girls into bed. I kissed their heads and thanked them for helping me vote. For helping me make a difference for women everywhere. No matter who wins this election – this extraordinary breakthrough, this powerful turning point, this moment…. It’s #ForTheGirls.

#ImWithHer #Election2016 #WomenVotes

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