In case you haven’t heard, we think voting is really important around here and aim to do our best to give you the answers and information you may need to make an informed decision and knowing your rights when you get there.

This month we focus on absentee ballots and knowing if you are eligible for an absentee vote.

There are two groups of people who have the ability to use an absentee ballot:
1. Military Members, spouses, and eligible family members
2. Overseas U.S. Citizens who previously resided in the U.S.

Both of these groups can start the process of getting their ballot by going here to get their Federal Post Card Application. This starts the process of having the correct ballots sent to your address overseas. Starting the process sooner, rather than later, will allow for mailing time and follow-up in case you don’t receive the ballot. You can contact your Local Election Office to verify your status by finding their information. If you haven’t received your ballot 30 days prior to the election you can vote using the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB).

If you are a citizen, 18 years or older, born abroad, and have never lived in the United States, each state has their own rules on voting. You can find them here.

If you’re considering an absentee vote, it’s best to start the process early to ensure you are ready to vote and have, and have filed, all the proper paperwork to ensure your voice is heard – even if it’s across an ocean!

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