American Mania and the Creamsicle Führer

Do you remember where you were when the U.S. Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in all 50 states? I do. I was sitting at my desk when my cell phone started to buzz with Facebook and Twitter notifications. My feeds were washed with rainbow colored photos and virtual declarations of progress and equality. A monumental achievement in civil rights.

Other civil rights milestones, such as the abolition of slavery and women gaining the right to vote, make me proud to be an American. We are a tolerant, progressively open minded society that embraces equality.


The recent rise of the Creamsicle Führer has shattered my confidence and my trust in my fellow Americans. Donald Trump, Republican presidential front-runner and overall bigot, is surfacing an ugly side of the American people. They show up in droves to his rallies, mania and violence teeming in the air.

Trump unapologetically encourages violence and even offers to pay legal fees for those that carry out violence at his request. All over the United States, violent crimes are skyrocketing. Donald Trump is throwing gasoline on the fire! He hardly denies this fact. He certainly doesn’t repent against his bias for violence. As if inciting violence weren’t bad enough, his candor has rendered election coverage R-rated. Violence. D*** jokes. The disgustingness of women needing to use the restroom. Assuming strong, articulate women must be menstruating if they dare challenge him. Hateful, small-minded thoughts about Muslims and Mexicans.

When Donald Trump is on TV, I usher my children out of the room to protect them from his offensive speech. That is so sad. We should be proud for our children to witness the process and power of democracy. We shouldn’t have to muffle their ears because a “Presidential” candidate is validating bigotry and condoning violence! It is no longer shocking to hear his vicious words. What is surprising is that Americans are embracing Trump.

Can’t they hear what he says?

How are they not ashamed to defend his hateful rhetoric?

[Scared, tiny voice inside] Oh my goodness, are Americans just closeted bigots?

Now I am really frightened. Is Trump gathering support because they finally found a champion to normalize their secret, chronic hate?

A clever tool helped me identify Facebook friends who like Trump. I was sickened to see some good friends and family on the list. Do they hate like him too?

I think about the national celebrations when gay marriage was legalized. Was it all a lie? Were Trump supporters simmering while waiting for an icon to corroborate their feelings of disgust?

It wasn’t a lie for me. And I hope many of you. Please tell me Americans are still pursuing and embracing equality for all. Tell me we continue to grow in tolerance and diversity. Share and comment on this post to tell the world our equality achievements aren’t a lie. Tell the world America’s civil rights progress isn’t a lie. It is #StillTrue.

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