About Our Team

Empowering Women to Vote through service, education & advocacy.

Nonpartisan. Supportive. Informational.

Our Mission

The mission of Women Voters USA is to increase civic and political participation through service, education, and advocacy.

Our Vision

Empower and inspire women to become architects of change.

Women Voters can play a significant role in determining who is electable by casting their votes for the person they believe will be best for the job. Kelly Ditmar, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Political Science at Rutgers-Camden

Board Members

Nicole Wild Merl | Co-Founder
Thomas Cook | Co-Founder
Monique Morrow

Advisory Board

Jenny Kimber
Kelli Hunter
Julie Vessel

Millennial Advisory Board

Brianna Andrews*
Joanne Jean*
Allexcia Johnson*
William Koch*
Dora Labatte*
Jessyca Lary*
Matthew Laszkiewicz*
Caitlin Morelli
Lexi Rodencal*
Misty Rosas
Hayley Sanchez*
Brian Strack*
*Graduates of the Washington Media Institute Class Winter 2016

Nicole Wild Merl
Co-Founder, Nicole Wild Merl
Co-Founder, Thomas Cook
Board Member, Monique Morrow

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