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Empowering Women to Vote through service, education & advocacy.

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Women Voters USA is a nonpartisan non-profit dedicated to encouraging conversations on issues that are important to women, mobilize voter registration & turnout, and inspire women to be architects of change ahead of the general election on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020.

Our Team

Nicole Wild Merl

Nicole Wild Merl

Co-Founder | President

Combining marketing savvy with a deep-rooted passion, Nicole Wild Merl, has dedicated her career to finding meaningful and innovative solutions in the fight for women’s equality.

The latest manifestation of her goal to empower women came in the form of Women Voters USA that began as a platform in 2016 and as a part of the first-ever Virtual Educational Cooperative allowed at Northeastern University College of Professional Studies during her Masters studies with the goal to engage and support women to vote. The philosophy behind the name was inspired by the dream of a first woman president and in the context of women’s suffrage and women’s right to vote. Ms. Wild has helped build a national reputation for the causes she supports by demonstrating the positive impact on business and the economy when women succeed in the workplace; stressing the importance of working together to achieve like-minded goals.

A native Australian of Asian descent, upon her arrival in the United States, she became the Director of Special Events for Suited for Success Miami and later the Executive Director for The Women’s Alliance representing community-based organizations across the United States serving low-income women through such programs as The Wardrobe PA.

She is a member of Women’s Business Collaborative, NAFE Women of Excellence Award Winner for Community Service, and most recently received the Northeastern University Education Cooperative Student Scholar Award in honor of her academic achievements.


Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook


Thomas Cook specializes in directing public relations, marketing, and creative campaigns for high impact projects that aim to change the world.

Currently, Thomas serves as the Vice President of Public Relations for Tyme Inc. A Nasdaq Public Company. http://www.tymetechnologiesinc.com/ 

Before assuming his role with Tyme Inc., Thomas was the founder and CEO of Thomas Cook & Associates. As CEO, Thomas brings extensive experience working in government relations in Washington DC, in addition to having his hand on the pulse of popular culture and numerous relationships with modern-day influencers, entertainers, and executives. He uses his diverse network to bring create, promote, and execute cause-related campaigns.

Candace Sandy

Candace Sandy

Co-Chair of the Women Voters USA, Coffee & Conversations

CANDACE SANDY is a Trinidadian American best-selling author and an accomplished political and communications and crisis strategist. Sandy served as the communications director for Congressman Gregory W. Meeks, a senior member of the House Financial Services Committee, the House Foreign Affairs Committee 1998–2014. She has held various communications positions in the New York City administration and on the local, state, and national election campaigns, including press secretary for Hillary for America northern Nevada 2016 election campaign cycle and specialty media press secretary for Kerry-Edwards Wisconsin Victory 2004 campaign cycle.

Sandy is the co-chair of the Women Voters USA, Coffee and Conversations 2020, which is a nonpartisan campaign to increase civic and political participation and provides women the chance to meet political and thought leaders to discuss challenges and concerns that are important to them.

Sandy, a frequent lecturer, continues to work tirelessly on behalf of women’s causes. She is also a Radio Advertising Bureau Mercury AD/LAB Fellow and recipient of the WNBA New York Liberty Community Service award.

Eliana Villaurel

Eliana Villaurel

Social Media Content Creator

Eliana Villaurel is a high school senior from New Jersey and is an active member of the Women Voters USA Young Women in Leadership Program. By utilizing her skills, Eliana hopes to inspire other young women who may soon be able to vote. As an influential youth activist, she embodies the values and mission of Women Voters USA. Some of Eliana’s other interests include photography, drawing, and psychology. Eliana hopes to pursue her doctorate in the field of social psychology. As she continues her dreams, Eliana will remain committed to her participation in the empowerment of women in politics.
Kennedy Ragin

Kennedy Ragin

Social Media Strategist Gen X

Kennedy Ragin is a Georgia based high school sophomore and a varsity student-athlete who is passionate about human and civil rights and voter protection. Kennedy aspires to be an attorney and is excited to join the Women Voters USA 2020 social media team sparking conversation amongst Gen X across the country.

I believe that the influence of women will save the country before every other power.

Lucy Stone

Prominent U.S. orator, abolitionist, and suffragist, and a vocal advocate and organizer promoting rights for women.

Board / Advisors

Nicole Wild Merl | Co-Founder/President
Thomas Cook | Co-Founder
Monique Morrow
Kelli Hunter
Julie Vessel

Young Women in Leadership Program

Treasure Bynum
Madison Cornell
Kayla Edwards
Alicia Miller
Kennedy Ragin
Essence Sommers
Eliana Villaurel

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