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“Thank you to women and men across America for showing your voice and vote counts. We would like to personally thank all the many volunteer driver’s, riders and supporters throughout our nation that made the Carpool2Vote app truly successful on election day. is very proud and looking forward to continuing to empower women to vote and run for elected office!” Nicole Wild Merl & Thomas Cook, Co-founders, #WomenVotes and Carpool2Vote

Carpool2Vote is a nonpartisan free rideshare app that introduces volunteer drivers to voters needing a ride to the polls. @Carpool2Vote #WomenVotes 

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Here’s What It Is:
The Carpool2Vote App is available for free download in the App Store as a public benefit to support voter turnout and help riders with a lift to the polls to cast their ballot in the general election on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 (and beyond).
Step 1: For DRIVERS who are heading to the polls — Simply utilize the apps capability to create a “Trip Profile” and “List” your trip with polling location, vehicle type, seats available, and time.
Step 2: For RIDERS — It’s easy and simple to navigate! Simply “Request a Carpool” by clicking on a vehicle within the map. You will select the number of seats you will need, and any special accommodations such as wheel chair access, etc.

Step 3: For DRIVERS and RIDERS — Our Carpool2Vote App also ensures the rider is getting in the correct vehicle driven by the correct driver through a very simple authentication solution that’s similar to the way warehouses work. Each driver will be issued a unique barcode based on their license plate and driver’s license.

When the driver’s car arrives, that barcode will be displayed on the driver’s phone, and the rider can quickly take a picture of the driver’s barcode to ensure they are getting into the right vehicle. If the driver is who they should be, the passenger will receive a confirmation sound (beep) and vibration after they “scan.” If the driver is not correct, there will be an alert on the passenger’s phone.
Step 4: Your vote is your voice! Please show you care by volunteering as a driver, spreading the word, and reaching out to your neighbors and friends to help inspire social and civic engagement.

Proudly created with American ingenuity and service

Connecting volunteer drivers with voters needing a ride to polls!

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One by one, the Carpool2Vote free app has the capacity to bring people to the polls to vote and encourage the hope for change through democracy.

So how about it America? Where ever you are at in the process, create your voting plan now:

  1. Download the Carpool2Vote FREE app on the App Store or on Google Play
  2. Sign up as a volunteer DRIVER and/or RIDER to help on election day
  3. Nudge as many friends and neighbors as possible to carpool and vote on social media @Carpool2Vote @WomenVotes
  4. Check in with your neighbors via and invite them.
  5. On the day, share your photos, videos, and updates about “having voted” using the hashtag #Carpool2Vote #CivicTech #Community

We are proud to partner with Walk2Vote in a nationwide collaboration to enhance voter turnout. Your freedom to vote is a responsibility! Student created. Student organized. Student led. #Walk2Vote

 Voting Questions

#WomenVotes is a proud partner of Nonprofit VOTE , helping Americans to participate and vote.

The Electoral Protection Coalition works around the clock to advance and defend your right to vote. Report voting problems, and get voting relating info for your state. Visit or Call 866OURVOTE

Para preguntas en español sobre su voto y para reportar problemas llame a: 1-888-Ve-Y-Vota (1-888-839-8682)

Carpool2Vote Co-founders:  Nicole Wild Merl & Thomas Cook

Advisors: Will Donovan, Justin Insalaco, Monique Morrow & Matt Young (Chief Architect)

App Designers:

3B Dreams LLC Atmos Digital Corp.
3B Dreams LLC Atmos Digital Corp.

Special thank you to: Washington Media Institute FALL 2016 Class

Carpool2Vote is a digital platform of Women Voters Inc. dba Women Voters USA — Empowering women to vote and run for elected office. Email:


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Empowering women to vote and run for elected office #Nonpartisan #WomenVotes #Carpool2Vote

Are you too busy to share your voice about modern politics? The answer of course is a resounding NO when put in the context of women’s suffrage and women votes. Meet Nicole Wild Merl, mom, advocate for women and girls, graduate student and co-founder of #WomenVotes, Nicole says “At first I thought I couldn’t take it on, then I realized what a truly special time this is when women announce their candidacies to run for president of the United States, and found a way to combine my studies with a political purpose.”

Can men participate too? Of course!!! Meet Thomas Cook, an entrepreneur, mentor, philanthropist and Co-founder of #WomenVotes who wanted to show how he cares through his support of the initiative and sponsorship of the first-ever virtual Education Cooperative at Northeastern University to help his mentee (Nicole) achieve her educational and professional goals. And, with this bold idea #WomenVotes was created and dedicated to the importance of the women’s vote and how it will influence American politics now and for future generations.


Co-Founders/Board Members

Nicole Wild Merl
Thomas Cook
Monique Morrow


Will Donovan
Lindsey Jones
Justin Insalaco
Matt Young

Millennial Advisory Board

*Graduates of the Washington Media Institute Class Winter 2016

Brianna Andrews*
Joanne Jean*
Allexcia Johnson*
William Koch*
Dora Labatte*
Jessyca Lary*
Matthew Laszkiewicz*
Caitlin Morelli
Lexi Rodencal*
Misty Rosas
Hayley Sanchez*
Brian Strack*

Special thank you to:

Washington Media Institute

Internet of Women


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If you are passionate about civic engagement and making a difference in #Election2018 #Election2020, please reach out. We would love your help!

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Nicole Wild Merl

Nicole Wild Merl


Nicole Wild Merl, a mom and dedicated advocate in support of the advancement of women and girls and Master of Science candidate at Northeastern University studying Communications, Social Media and Online Communities.

Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook


Thomas Cook, President of Thomas Cook and Associates, specializes in public relations, corporate partnerships, sponsorships, marketing, rebranding, development, strategic alliances and celebrity recruitment. His extensive background in new business development, and networks of celebrity and entertainment industry contacts brings a unique dimension to public relations and cause related marketing campaigns with strategic corporate partnerships.


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A project of Women Voters Inc. DBA Women Voters USA, a not-for-profit corporation organized under the laws of the District of Columbia.